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    Tag: puzzle

    Appolicious: How did Alien: Blackout arise? Why has such an ambitious tone emerged as an AAA quality mobile Alien game? JD Sorvari: It was a fruitful clash of ideas between developer, publisher and IP holder. Each had considered different parts of the equation, which then came together in what is now Alien: Blackout. Appolicious: Please […]
    This would be a review of Distrust, the well-received strategy survival in the spiritual successor of James Cameron's ' s The thing. It is a really neat game that combines ideas from people such as Do not Starve with a real-time management layer. You guide the last two to three survivors of a […]
    You’ve done it now; you’ve touched the magical time fridge. Now we have to travel throughout all of human history and fix time by matching words! How could you do this? Alphabear 2 is a word matching game genre definer – it understands completely what it takes to make the experience satisfying and it gives […]
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