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    The post Your Comprehensive Guide to Photography Post-Processing Software first appeared at Digital Photography School. It is written by Herb Paynter. My recent article, 3 alternative post processing applications that challenge the Adobe Throne, presented only three of the many post processing software packages (both free and paid) that offer excellent post processing. In this […]
    Virtuality was once a possibility for mainframe computers, and now even smartphones can do this. Being able to segment the computer into different virtual versions has many advantages, particularly with regard to isolating experimental code from other critical processes. With the help of this combination of hardware and software, a system can allocate its resources […]
    In an effort to deal with a shortage of radiologists affecting hospitals, several European companies have trained AI to detect signs of breast cancer. Kheiron Medical recently announced that it will use AI algorithms to try to diagnose breast cancer with a trial on historic scans launching this month at a NHS trust in Leeds. […]
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