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    Tag: Strategy

    This would be a review of Distrust, the well-received strategy survival in the spiritual successor of James Cameron's ' s The thing. It is a really neat game that combines ideas from people such as Do not Starve with a real-time management layer. You guide the last two to three survivors of a […]
    Pako 2 Pako 2 feels like what would happen if you took the very end of every mission of Grand Theft Auto Pako 2 is the perfect sort of game for every fan of crazy 80’s car chases and chaotic physics games. A melding of everything great about hot pursuits with slick controls leads to […]
    Armello seeks to do one thing very fascinating as a cellular sport by mixing the twin ideas of board gaming with the turn-based, RPG fashion endemic to cellular video games of this sort. In Armello, the story marketing campaign follows the King’s current growth of Rot, and the dominion’s quest to take away it, uncover […]
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