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    The best Amazon Prime Day offers 2019: American edition


    Amazon Prime Day deals were launched while you were sleeping, but good news, we have compiled a list of the deals that are now available. Some are available until the end of Tuesday, the official end of Amazon Prime Day 2019. Others will sell out quickly.

    We update this Prime Day list of offers – below – in real time. It contains a lot of 4KTV deals, cheap laptops, rare AirPod discounts, a lot of smartwatch deals (yes, Apple Watch and Fitbit included) and even a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner – or three.

    Although we are struggling to find a Nintendo Switch and PS4 on this Prime Day, we do have a number of non-technical deals, such as 23andME DNA test kits and Instant Pot. They are not normal electronics, but they are popular with technologically skilled Amazon shoppers.

    Amazon wants to sell you a smart house, or at least the technology to make it smart. This includes Echo speakers, Fire TV Stick, Fire Tablets, Kindle and Ring video doorbells. Even Apple offers iPad Pro and iPad price drops at the entry level.

    Prime number # 1 of Amazon Prime Day: You must be an Amazon Prime member to get these deals. Not a subscriber yet? Our advice is to start the free 30-day trial subscription – you can always cancel it after you've picked up the best deals this week.

    From another region? We have completed all deals here:
    These are the best Amazon Prime deals in the UK
    AU: You can find the list of Amazon Prime deals below

    • See Amazon ' s Prime Day homepage here

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    Whole Foods Amazon Prime Day 2019

    $ 10 deal with Amazon Prime Day Whole Foods

    Amazon owns Whole Foods and for the second year in a row the supermarket chain is taking part in the Prime Day discount campaign. Here are the nice details.

    Prime members earn a $ 10 credit for Prime Day (it expires the day after Prime Day in case you forget it) when shopping at Whole Foods. According to Amazon, you only need to scan your Prime Code, use your linked telephone number when paying or make an order through Prime Now for delivery or collection between July 3 and July 16. "

    Prime Day pro tip: do this now – today until July 16, spend $ 10 on Whole Foods or on Amazon Prime Now (the latter will be easier for some people who are not near Whole Foods), and then spend your $ 10 credit during Prime Day or the day after (there & apos; s a grace period 24 hours a time).

    Amazon Prime Day 2019

    What else is for sale for Amazon Prime Day?

    Just look at the biggest sellers of last year. Prime members around the world bought more than 100 million products during the last Prime Day event. The best-selling items from Prime Day last year were a mix of household items, electronics and Amazon devices.

    It was the largest event ever for Amazon devices with the Fire TV Stick and Echo Dot leading the package of best-selling items worldwide. The best-selling products were the 6-Qt Instant Pot, Fire TV stick, Echo Dot, 23andMe DNA Test and the LifeStraw personal water filter.

    Prime Day pro tip: It's not just about electronics deals on Amazon Prime Day. We are always surprised at how many 23andMe DNA test kits and Instant Pots people buy. Make a list of everything your home and life needs – and not just gadgets.

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    Which other retailers participate in Prime Day?

    Every year more and more retailers try to compete with the tech giant by participating in their own version of Prime Day. You can find discounts on clothing, technology, household items and more from various online and local stores.

    Last year, Walmart participated on Prime Day by offering free two-day shipping without membership fees and free pick-up day on the same day for qualifying items. The retailer has also discounted a large number of products, including TV ' s, Google Home appliances, kitchen appliances, laptops and more – and Walmart ' s deals with Prime Day are definitely in full swing.

    Other major retailers such as Target, Best Buy, Macy & apos; s and eBay also promoted their own one-day sale with discounts on best-selling items throughout their site.

    Prime Day pro tip: We expect more retailers to participate in the July event this year and even extend the one-day sale to a week of discounts, and yes, we will be offering all of their competing Prime Day deals on this page.

    first day delivery from amazon

    Amazon Prime 1-day shipment

    Amazon recently announced that it offers planning of free one-day orders for Prime members. Amazon's CEO, Brian Olsavky, unveiled the ambitious project during Amazon's first quarterly profit. To achieve this, the tech giant says the & apos; s to invest $ 800 million in the second quarter of 2019 and to continue its expansion of its fulfillment and logistics network.

    Amazon currently offers free 2-day shipping for all Prime members and offers free one-day and same-day delivery for certain items in suitable zip codes. Amazon's future plans include expanding locations and available items so that free one-day delivery replaces the standard two-day Prime delivery window.

    Prime Day pro tip: One day delivery will not be officially rolled out on time for Prime Day anywhere in the US, more items will be available for one day and same day delivery in suitable zip codes for the big day of shopping.

    How much did Amazon Prime Day make?

    Amazon was predicted to gross $ 3.4 billion on Prime Day last year, although we do not know if that prediction is true, because Amazon does not disclose such information.

    However, it has announced third-party sellers shifted a billion dollars in product in just one day. As far as own sales are concerned, Amazon was satisfied that "this Prime Day's sales have surpassed Cyber ​​Monday, Black Friday and the previous Prime Day by comparing 36-hour periods, making it again the largest shopping mall event in the history of Amazon is. "

    That is a bit of a sneaky note, because the sale in 2017 only ran 24 hours, not 36.

    Prime Day pro tip: Millions of people are expected to descend more than ever before on the bonanza of Amazon Prime deals – so if you know what you are looking for, go quickly there.

    Amazon Prime Day Alexa-only deals

    What better way to convince you that you need an Alexa than by offering Alexa-only deals? That's what Amazon did during big holidays, which makes it a little different when it comes to ordering things.

    Although searching for speech with speakers will become a big thing in the future, it will probably be more multimedia items, such as grabbing movies or other fast content, rather than big expensive purchases.

    Prime Day pro tip: There may be Alexa-only deals during Amazon Prime Day 2019, but you are in the dark about how well the deals are compared to other prices on the internet. For us? Well, we like our curated Prime Day deals list above. Can you blame us?

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