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    The best cheap 4K TV deals in Australia for May 2019


    With so many great 4K televisions to choose from, making a decision about which one to purchase for your family can come very well. A good cheap 4K TV deal can be hard to refuse and nowadays there are even more great TVs at even better prices than ever before.

    If you need a new television and don't want to pay more than you have to, take a look at our compiled list of the best cheap 4K TV deals in Australia for May 2019.

    We were looking for the best available 4K Ultra HD TVs that are currently on sale, with an emphasis on sets with huge discounts on the AVP. With so much 4K content currently available to stream on Netflix, Amazon and Stan, this is now the perfect time to upgrade to an Ultra HD set. And at these prices, can you even afford not to?

    Below you will find our selection of the best cheap 4K TV deals for the month of February. You better hurry up, some of these deals are time sensitive and can disappear before the end of the month. Now let's start our list with our deal of the month.

    TechRadar ' s 4K TV Deal of the month

    Cheap offers for 4K TV: 55-inch sets

    Cheap offers for 4K TV: 65-inch sets

    Cheap offers for 4K TV: more than 65-inch

    The best deals for our favorite 4K TVs

    Maybe you are not looking for a cheap TV, but you simply want a good deal on a top TV. In that case, check out some great deals for our current favorite 4K televisions below.

    More 4K Smart TV deals

    The televisions listed above are just a small selection of the TV deals that are available online, with many sets of different sizes and brands that are lowered every day. If the above TVs do not meet your needs or fall within your price range, you can view even more cheap 4K TV deals at Getprice.

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