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    The best cheap laptop deals and sales in April 2019: prices from just £ 159


    Navigating the swarms of cheap laptop deals can be a little overwhelming with so many options to choose from here in the UK. Fortunately for you, we monitor laptop sales from the internet throughout the year so we know how to identify a bargain.

    With such a competitive scene in the UK for laptop deals, there is plenty of choice to choose all year round, so if you need to buy a new laptop sharpener, we need to find something that fits your budget. We have divided this guide into sections based on price.

    We'll give you a little bit of information about every laptop that we highlight, so that you can see a few specs at a glance before you click through to the store and have to scroll through their long descriptions for those vital statistics you have.

    Not everyone needs a super-powerful laptop, especially if you just want something for the basics, such as casual browsing, e-mail and editing documents, so it doesn't seem like you have to spend £ 500 on a laptop – you can do something get too far less if you want. Of course, if you are a bit of a multitasker, like to have a lot of open tabs and want some extra grunt for media editing, we have found laptop deals with higher specifications. We sometimes throw in gaming-friendly laptops if they meet our sensible pricing criteria and also for Chromebooks, because they are becoming increasingly popular nowadays because users want to close Windows for the stripped-down Chrome OS. For your Apple fans, you might be interested in our MacBook prices and deals page too.

    If you come from the States of Down Under, be sure to check out our selection of the best laptop deals in the U.S. or Australia in our always updated manuals.

    Cheap laptop sales and deal highlights

    • Here is an extensive selection of cheap gaming laptop deals

    We continue to add the best cheap laptop deals in the latest sales as we find them. Below you will find the latest prices from some of the most popular laptops in the area, as well as a list of sellers who often have a large selection of laptop sales, if nothing else is waiting for you.

    • Amazon: retail giant is often the cheapest in the UK.
    • AO: many cheap laptops with this growing electronics specialist.
    • Argos: delivered to your home or pick up a cheap laptop today.
    • John Lewis: models come with at least a two-year warranty.
    • Whole: often has many voucher codes or buy now pay later & apos; options.
    • Dixons: the British computer specialists have some great promotions.
    • Laptops Direct: specialized UK store has a huge selection of laptop deals.
    • valley: get a great laptop deal directly from Dell.
    • Currys: that seems to be the retailer always have a laptop sale.

    The cheapest laptop deals on these popular picks

    At the release, the Chromebook Flip reached new heights for the Windows-free laptops, as a real Intel Core processor came on the table with an HD screen. Most models nowadays come with 64 GB of storage space instead of the 32 GB, which is enough for running apps and storing regular documents and a few few media files – you can always use a USB drive for more space. For most users, the newer PixelBook is what we ' overkill & apos; ' not to mention considerably more expensive, so we recommend this model if you only need something for work, surfing the net and so on. The Chrome OS also works beautifully in this 2-in-1 tablet mode for laptops.

    Many stores still have the very user-friendly Chromebook R11 in stock and most have models for a reasonable price, making it a strong alternative to comparably priced Windows laptops. Unlike other cheap Chromebooks, the R11 has a much solid version that does not feel like sticky, cheap plastic, so you will certainly not be embarrassed to be caught out when using it outdoors or at the office. And with a battery life that you get for about eight hours on a single charge, you are ready to leave the charger at home every day. Storage on board is a bit light, but nowadays there is plenty of free cloud storage available on Chromebooks if you have many media files that you need to be able to access regularly.

    HP Stream 14

    With around £ 200 and a range of colorful models, the HP Stream 14 is a popular choice as the very first laptop or for those who have tried something to cover basic concepts such as surfing the web or editing documents. If you use this fairly regularly, you might want to skip the 32GB model and look for the 64GB version instead. Budget Windows laptops with only 32 GB of storage tend to struggle with future system updates and some users report that there is not enough space after they have modified the operating system to keep updating it even if they do not have any additional apps or media files in the have installed store are working on it. If you can't find a decent 64 GB price, consider a Chromebook for this price instead, because these updates can handle even if they have a small 32 GB hard drive.

    Acer Nitro 5

    As one of the cheapest gaming laptops that still runs games at decent settings, the Acer Nitro 5 is definitely worth watching if you also want to play PC gaming and play modern games (don't expect to use Battlefield) V on ultra settings ok?). The design is a bit too & apos; plastic & apos; and there is no SSD on the cheapest models, but given the low price and power of internal specifications, we are more than willing to look beyond to get our gaming fix on the road or even as an introduction to PC gaming without investing in a desktop rig.

    HP Pavilion 15

    A solid choice for a study laptop for school / university / university. The HP Pavilion 15 has sufficient power for the needs of the average student, while keeping the costs sensible. There are also many configurations available. Some support fast SSD ' s while others go for larger regular hard drives, so it all depends on what you'll really need more. Faster loading or more space for storing media files and downloads.

    Asus Transformer Mini T102HA

    The Asus Transformer Mini series is one of the most reliable brands of 2-in-1 tablet / laptop hybrids on the market. This upgrade includes a fingerprint sensor and doubles the RAM at 4 GB for faster performance compared to the older models. For your money this is one of the most impressive two-in-one transformation models out there. Available in orange / white as shown above, or in a traditional gray-steel color.

    cheap laptop deals prices sales

    Ready to stretch that budget a bit (ok, maybe a lot) further? Then be sure to check out our selection of the very best laptops you can buy, as we have used our special price comparison technology to find the cheapest prices for them. You can always go back to this page if they seem a bit excessive (and too expensive) for what you need.

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