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    The best wireless speaker 2019: find the best connected speakers for your home


    Buying guide for the best speakers: welcome to TechRadar ' s overview of the best wireless, connected speakers and speaker systems in 2019.

    Everyone's music tastes are different, which means that everyone's listening tastes are different. For example, you are looking for bold standing speakers that make your whole house vibrate or just a portable speaker for poppy music outside or a fantastic device that delivers sound and style.

    Wherever you need a new sound system, you've come to the right place – or you can get even more precise when it comes to what you're looking for with our collection of the best portable speakers and outdoor speakers from 2019 to date.

    We have ensured that this speaker overview includes the best audio technology in every shape and size that you could ever imagine – at least for the next few weeks until we update the list with our newest and latest favorites.

    Of course it is not just like you have large floor standing systems and portable systems to choose from, there are also wireless speakers between these two ends of the sound spectrum, which are powerful sound chambers that do not require a cable to set up. That means that if you are not in the mood to thread threads, this is the right way.

    Ideally, the speaker that you choose for your home is made with a number of built-in amplifiers and DACs and then tailor-made to replicate music as close to the source as possible.

    In addition to pristine audio playback, audiophiles (or wannabe audiophiles) should also be looking for speakers that contain a whole range of functions, such as support for smart assistants, Spotify Connect and a built-in batter, all of which help your speaker stay on until the next big innovation on the area of ​​audio that we hope will emerge in a few years.

    So here it is, this is our list of the 10 best wireless speakers, ranked based on their price-performance ratio.

    Credit: Sonos

    If you are looking for a neatly designed, exceptionally sounding connected speaker, you will find nothing better than the Sonos One. Offering the best of both Sonos & apos; multi-room speaker platform and both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant & smart home prowess, the Sonos One is the pinnacle of connectivity.

    Do you want to hear your favorite Spotify song? All you have to do is ask! Do you want every speaker to play above the same number? Group them together via the Sonos app and you will have a house party within minutes.

    Although there are more powerful (and more expensive) speakers below, the Sonos One is the best deal in 2019 for the vast majority of people.

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    Credit: Sonos

    Sonos was one of the first companies to focus on the connected loudspeaker industry and therefore has one of the most seamlessly integrated loudspeaker systems on the market.

    The Sonos Play: 5 is the company's flagship and has the

    Unlike solutions that rely on Bluetooth or Google Cast, Sonos & apos; Speakers are directly controlled from their own app, which has built-in integration for a number of streaming services, including Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Deezer, and Tune in a whole range of smaller services.

    Because this is a multi-room setup, you can also add extra speakers such as the Sonos Play: 3 and Sonos Play: 1 to build a complete surround sound system, but if you want to keep it simple, you have to Play: 5 to provide more than enough sound.

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    Credit balance: TechRadar

    The Pure Evoke C-F6 is not a flashy speaker – its modest (but refined) appearance lets it slip unobtrusively into any interior, although it doesn't have the premium multi-room options from more expensive competitors on this list.

    But that's not really the point of the Evoke C-F6 – it positions itself as the one-room stop, one store for all your audio playback needs. There is a staggering array of options for audio sources here, with Spotify Connect, DAB, internet radio, Bluetooth and the playback of old loyal CDs as the greatest assets.

    With a solid app that allows you to control the speaker from a room, and the Evoke C-F6 that offers a warm and natural sound image through the stereo speakers, it will be proud of any bedside table or living room shelf that you decide to pop.

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    Credit balance: TechRadar

    It's a difficult call between this speaker and the Mu-So Qb for the best looking music player on this list, but the Zeppelin is certainly the most striking.

    But as with all these speakers, the evidence is in the pudding, and the Zeppelin sounds absolutely stunning, regardless of the volume at which you play it. The bass is distortion-free and the middle range is nice and powerful.

    It is also supported by a whole range of connection options, so you will have no problem playing your more obscure apps through the speaker.

    The only problem is the price: $ 699 (£ 499 / AU $ 999). But although the sticker price ensures that only serious audiophiles will pay some attention to it, it is a lot less expensive than the Mu-So Qb, and you get a comparable level of sound quality.

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    You may have never heard of it, but Naim audio is a company that produces some of the most stylish connected speakers in the industry, and we think the Mu-So Qb is the best they've ever released.

    It comes with a full range of connectivity options, including aptX Bluetooth, Spotify Connect and AirPlay, which means that all your music must be supported with the maximum resolution, regardless of which device you use.

    But even if you are not in control of your phone, you can still operate the speaker via the slim touch screen that allows you to access internet radio stations, for example.

    It has a premium price, but if you choose the Qb then you will not be disappointed.

    (Update: Naim just has one second-gen version of the Mu-so Qb, and it looks fantastic – we'll update this list as soon as we get the chance to hear it.)

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    Credit: Samsung

    Samsung is not satisfied with dominating the TV world, but now also wants to become the number one brand for home entertainment audio. All these efforts have already delivered excellent results in the form of both the HW-K850 and especially the HW-K950 Dolby Atmos sound bars, as well as a series of groundbreaking wireless multiroom speakers.

    But above all, the South Korean manufacturer & s HW-MS650. No other body soundbar has so much raw power combined with so much clarity, scale and especially bass, or excelled so consistently with both films and music. It's the kind of performance that only true audio innovation can deliver – and with that in mind, it's worth its $ 450 / £ 599 prize.

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    Credit Image: Google

    Is it too much of a good thing to fill a small apartment with Google Assistant devices? As the Google Home Max has proven to us, the answer is no.

    Although absolutely huge, the Home Max provides a surprisingly versatile addition to a room of any size, thanks to its balanced, great sound reproduction and Smart Sound function that helps it adapt to any environment in which you set it up.

    The large speaker from Google is more elegant than it is, with smart details such as the movable pillow and orientation-friendly touch functions. It is also appreciated that the appearance stands out if you choose to notice it, but stands out in the scene during daily use.

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    Credit balance: KEF

    If you are looking for a pair of bookshelf speakers that handle wireless audio and traditional connections for your vinyl player, check out the KEF LS50 Wireless. Although KEF's flagship speakers do not support every wireless standard on the market, they do support it tide- or Spotify, plus standard Bluetooth 4.0.

    In terms of sound quality, they are amazingly detailed and their striking sonic function is their holographic imaging and instrumental layering: we could hear exactly where each instrument came from and each instrument sounded distinct and never blurry. Soundstage was spacious with good space on the side and above the listener. The resolution is excellent because the speaker can dig for the micro details that are lost in lesser audio systems.

    If you are an audiophile who wants the convenience of wireless audio – whether directly from internet streaming services such as Tidal or Spotify or from a home server – the KEF LS50 Wireless should be at the top of your list.

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    Credit balance: TechRadar

    Of his trio of new multi-room speakers, the Marshall Stanmore is the middle child. However, that does not mean that it is the unloved brother or sister.

    While the larger Woburn is only a bit to large for most rooms, and the smaller Acton has a number of connection problems, the Stanmore strikes a nice balance between the two with a sound that is large and powerful without being too far in & apos; overkill & apos; territory (although our words are highlighted, it will be if you want).

    It has its own app to operate it, but we were fans of how nicely it integrates with a host of other services, including AirPlay, Google Cast, and Spotify Connect, which means you can stick to the apps you're familiar with while still managing your new toy.

    But it is the controls on board that have impressed us the most. You can set presets from a number of different services, which means that you can switch with a twist of a vintage Marshall-style brass button with a twist of predefined Spotify playlists and internet radio stations.

    It doesn't get the most refined sound from the speakers on this list, but the Marshall Stanmore is intelligently designed and easy to use. If you're looking for something to take with you on the road, check out our Marshall Tufton review – it combines the vintage Marshall look and rocking sound in a portable design.

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    Credit balance: TechRadar

    If we only assessed the Apple HomePod on the basis of sound performance, the HomePod would probably take first place on this list. But as a connected speaker, it still has a long way to go.

    In general, it delivers a rich, clear sound that will impress everyone who listens to it, and every facet of the way it is designed and delivers audio is well thought out. But there are still a few small bumps that remove some of the shine – Siri cannot search the internet, lack of Bluetooth streaming or be unable to control your Apple TV or iPhone directly from the speaker, are omissions who would like a lot.

    Once it has developed these functions, we will certainly visit it again and possibly give it a higher position on this list. Until then, however, it is a speaker who only serves a niche audience – and even then not very well.

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