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    The cheapest ever Samsung Galaxy S9 UK deal expires tomorrow


    A few months ago we said goodbye to the best value Samsung Galaxy S9 deal in the UK. But we have some great news – it’s making a comeback for this weekend only. So if you missed out last time or were stuck with months left on your old contract, now’s the time to strike.

    There’s no settling on a phone colour you’re not in love with either as this excellent S9 deal is available on every model, so black, blue, purple and even the newer titanium version.

    The upfront cost has been smashed down to just £100. Then it’s just £23 a month for 4GB of data. Be sure to check our comparison chart at the bottom of this page if you want to see how this compares to similar deals. Spoiler alert, they don’t even get close.

    The best ever Galaxy S9 deal:

    4GB data isn’t enough for everyone though, especially if you’re a serial streamer for Netflix and Spotify. So we’ve had a dig around for some big data deals too and come away with another belter below. This really is shaping up to be a great weekend for Samsung Galaxy S9 deals.

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