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    The following Samsung Galaxy Fold can fold twice


    Samsung has officially postponed the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold to handle malfunctions reported by early reviewers on the device screen. And yet a leak has occurred claiming that the company is working on two different designs for folding hinged screens, according to the Korean site The bell.

    The display concepts are indicated by letters describing their shape: the ' G-type ' has two outer secondary screens that fold towards each other (much like the Xiaomi foldable phone) design). This is similar to the patent that was found in March and that LetsGoDigital visualized with a display (above).

    The other concept – the ' S-type ' – folds in third place as you would expect (one that protrudes above the center screen, one below, such as a snake). This is very similar to the Samsung patent that was discovered in November, as visualized by Mobielkopen.

    Both designs described by The Bell are larger than the fully expanded screen of the 7.3-inch Galaxy Fold. Per The Bell it looks like the G-type has an 8-inch screen, while the S-type will reach 13 inches; they would be meant to compete with Apple's 7.9-inch iPad Mini and the largest 12.9-inch iPad, respectively.

    How likely are these designs to see the light of day?

    It is impossible to say to what extent Samsung has developed these designs, but we can look for patents and concept leaks in the past to see how much they looked like the final product.

    For example this to leak from mid-2016 a clamshell layout can be seen that shows a striking resemblance to the final Samsung Galaxy Fold. Although the final design was much larger / narrower than these wide halves (and does not have the charging connection in the center of the hinges), the exposed hinge closely resembles the final appearance of the fold.

    There are other indications that Samsung is not leaving the middle fold layout. Back in March, one report noted that the company had two potential folding phones at the factory – one with a horizontal (and therefore wide instead of high) ' clamshell ' design while the other folds vertically. However, both seem to have the screen on the outside, just like it Huawei Mate X.

    All optimism can be hampered by the Galaxy Fold launch delay, although Samsung quickly solves problems with its much-visited first-to-market flagship foldable. Who knows how this fight will affect Samsung's fold designs in the future?

    • Via GSMArena
    • Here you can see what these concepts look like next to all the folding phones that we know
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