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    The Irix Cine is an innovative lens with which a filmmaker can capture more


    From the very first moment the idea was born, lens maker Irix knew that the Cine 150 mm camera lens would be the most versatile and advanced tool for a film maker to date.

    Irix's goal was to provide functionality, stunning images, and outstanding performance in every environment – allowing filmmakers to discover completely new areas of film making.

    The Irix Cine 150 mm, with its short telephoto focal length and industry-leading parameters, is equipped with everything that both professional and amateur cinematographers would need to create their masterpieces – with numerous functionalities and functions that make your recordings varied and unique.

    (youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMR09ArigAQ)

    Smooth bokeh, with 11 rounded aperture blades

    Where is the border between fantasy and reality? Macro would not be what it is without a dreamy blur that ensures that the vital parts of your photo really come to life. When designing the 150 mm Cine, Irix paid the greatest attention to the design of the opening mechanism.

    A system of eleven aperture blades provides a soft, delicate bokeh within the entire range of aperture values ​​- while the rounded shape of the aperture minimizes diffraction, resulting in sharp, detailed images.

    You can also blur your actors to really bring out the emotion on the screen, using a soft, fuzzy veil to make unique movie recordings that won't be forgotten quickly. Thanks to the Irix Cine 150 mm, every scene must enchant the audience.

    Sealed to withstand it all

    Has your recording ever suffered under unpredictable atmospheric conditions? How often did sudden rain or snow ruin your perfect setup?

    During photography you have to fully believe in the equipment you work with: it must be sturdy, reliable and durable. That is why the lens housing of the Irix Cine 150 mm T3.0 Macro 1: 1 is equipped with five rubber seals (four in the PL-mount version) and other sealing solutions, which form a durable barrier against dust, rain or unintended splashes of water .

    A closed structure ensures the safety of both the optical lens system and the camera sensor – meaning that the only thing that needs your attention while working is the shooting itself, so you can actually immerse yourself in the moment.

    Irix Cine Lens

    Magnetic mounting system

    One of the features that distinguishes the Irix Cine is the MMS or Magnetic Mount system (patent currently pending).

    The MMS has been specially designed for Irix Cine products and is a completely new system that ensures reliable and easy installation of accessories, so that a potentially difficult confirmation process is now immediate and effortless.

    Why spend precious moments of your life assembling the holder when you can just benefit from a well-balanced magnetic power system? The Irix MMS system is also planned for other functional accessories that the company plans to release and develop.

    • The prices for the Irix Cine 150 mm lens start at € 1,195 / £ 1,027 for the Canon EF, Sony E or MFT compatible lens – and € 1,295 / £ 1,113 for the PL Mount lens. Buy the Irix Cine 150 mm T3.0 Macro 1: 1 lenses in the official store.
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