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    The most important leaks in Google Pixel 4 can be seen by the forward-facing edge and sensors


    Leaks and speculation around the Google Pixel 4 continue to rise before an expected launch in October and the latest unofficial update comes in the form of a leaked screen saver photo with the phone's front panel and a series of sensors.

    The leaked image comes thanks to a productive tipster Ice Universe and so it's more likely than not to be the real deal – although nothing is certain until the official Google disclosure.

    On the photo you can see that there is room for the double front camera, the speaker and probably some sort of extra face recognition sensor. There is also a larger recess on the right to consider.

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    This is perhaps the small radar sensor that Google is supposedly working on, and with which you can control your phone with hand gestures without touching the screen. It is one of the more intriguing Pixel 4 rumors we've heard so far.

    New Pixel 4 is being rendered

    We also have new renders to show your courtesy @OnLeaks and iGeeksBlog, which displays the smaller Pixel 4 phone. These renders are based on what has been leaked so far and what Google has already told us.

    The large rectangular housing for the rear view camera is visible again and you also see the thicker front edge on the front of the phone. We expect the phone to arrive with a 5.6-inch screen.

    Google Pixel 4 leak

    Many more will undoubtedly follow when it comes to Pixel 4 leaks, with the start date (probably) three months away. We still hear about advanced camera technology, better internal specifications and of course Android Q.

    What remains to be seen is whether the phone contains the Snapdragon 855 Plus, as the Asus ROG Phone 2 will do. It is perhaps a way that Google can steal some attention from Apple before the iPhone is launched in September.

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