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    The Ready Games Review – WarioWare Gone Gameshow


    The Ready Games is a bit on the nose, but that doesn't necessarily have to be bad. It is in fact a hybrid one-touch rhythmic WarioWare clone crossed with a game show competition. A new game is revealed every 48 hours, and with it a new chance to reach the top 20% who will receive a small cash prize sent to your PayPal account.

    Each new challenge is a different kind of reflex test, some with distinctive themes, while others seemingly have been pulled out of a hat. Given the focus on mini-games, it is a bit disappointing that you cannot visit your favorites again (without reducing $ 5 a month), but you have enough time to become familiar with the current game through a practice mode. There is the possibility of turning a hugely successful run into your official one, but every time I pushed the button, this only offered me the opportunity to spend money on extra attempts. By default they give you a free retry attempt.

    If you want a constant stream of easy to learn games, this is not a bad option

    It visually leans in a modern animation style, with high-contrast colors, simple shapes and a clear design. Nothing overseer, but it works well. The area where The Ready Games actually falls flat is the generic, poppy music. There is no real identity for the music being played, and they are all so basic that you might think they were used in the spring sale commercial of a department store. The countdown timer at the start of your official run is also a bit disturbing, although you can happily mute the music and skip the intro, streamlining the experience while listening to your own tunes.

    Monetary prices vary, usually around the $ 500-1000 USD range. Besides, divide that by how many people are in the top 20%, with the highest scores receiving the most around $ 7-15 USD. It is not impossible, but since this is primarily a competition, each game leans a bit in the masochistic side of things, some more than others. Fans from Super Meatboy and his family will be satisfied. More informal players may want to rely on the practice mode.

    It should also be noted that the primary income generate in The Ready games is through life packages that offer more attempts. There is even a subscription model for recurring lives every month. Parents considering this game for their children, or people with impulse control, may want to avoid these menus and directions.

    Fans from Super Meatboy and his family will be satisfied.

    Purely like a game, The Ready Games will not set fire to the design world, but if you want to have a constant stream of easy-to-learn games and have the opportunity to earn a few dollars by playing them, not a bad thing. choice.

    Our assessment

    Regular new challenges ensure that there is always something for everyone. Solid visual design.Sound work is grating. Generating income from the system and a high level of difficulty can be a letdown for some.

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