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The real reason you have to print your photos

The post The real reason you need to print Your photos first appeared at Digital Photography School. It is written by Mat Coker.

Every creative endeavor has its own fulfillment. It is that moment when we can stop and see our completed creation. A play is written and performed – a score is composed and played by musicians – poems are written and then read out loud. The fulfillment of our creative endeavor as a photographer is one printed photographer.

When you print a photo, it becomes physical. A print is the embodiment of the digital file. As a print, it becomes part of our daily physical existence. As a constant part of our lives, the print comes to play a role in our lives, perhaps by executing us in ways we did not expect.

Make small prints

A few prints that I came across from my childhood. Every time I come across these memories, I am reminded of my place in my family as a son, a grandson and now a father myself.

Comes to life

When something lives in the digital world, it can easily scroll or be swept away and forgotten forever. Digital photos live a spooky life.

We experience digital photos as a dream. Just as a dream disappears when we wake up, a digital photo disappears as we scroll past it or close the file. But as a print, your photo becomes part of the real world and part of your life.

One day I saw one of my digital images – a headshot – on a huge billboard. I was so surprised that I had to circle the block to see it again! I had often seen the same image on the internet, but to see it in the real world, I had emotions that had never occurred to me when viewing the photo online.

Yes, "an image is an image" regardless of whether it is digital or printed. But a printed image has a different existence – a physical existence – and becomes part of your world as something physical rather than spooky or dreamy.

Print photo albums

Before I set off for the east coast, I knew that I wanted to make a photo album after the trip. Part of the fun was anticipating the project and then experiencing the adventure while we were traveling. But the creative experience was not complete until I had finished the book. A lot of fun was selecting the paper, the lay-flat style and the dimensions.

Daily life

Consider the difference in the way we normally experience digital and printed photos.

A print is displayed somewhere and can remain for a very long time. However, a digital photo is at your mercy – only viewed at your whim and almost immediately taken away. If you don't want to see them, they are gone. A digital photo is not always present as is a print. Digital photos are counting on you to come and find them.

A digital photo gets a physical existence when it is printed. When it is displayed at home or in our studio, it becomes part of our daily lives.

Display your prints

Most people are quite tactile – collecting books, stones and small mementos. Our family often brings a pot of rubbish to the new countries that we visit.

Inspired and called

When printed, our photos are ever-present memories of what's important in life.

In contrast to the fleeting excitement that digital photos bring along as we scroll past, the inspiration of a printed photo is always present.

If you are bored by the stream of digital photos, close them. However, you do not turn off a print; it is there whether you want to see it at that moment or not. This is important because when we choose our prints carefully, they can be incentives when we need them most.

An ever-changing sea of ​​digital images is part of your daily landscape. Images strike as if you have waves, but disappear once they have made contact. They wear you out while they hit you all day long. You live in a chaotic world where you probably forget what is important in life.

You need to print photos that inspire you and lead you to a good life. The portraits that you hang up can remind you who is important in life. Even the landscape that you print can calm you down and inspire you in difficult moments.

Print and design your digital photos

In my son's room there is a picture of him and my grandmother together. It's been around for years. It is also on my computer. I can tell you which folder it is in, but I haven't seen the digital file since I made the print. I made the print for my grandmother and received it back when she died. It once reminded her of the joy of her great grandchildren and now it reminds me of the joy of my grandparents.

A stronger experience

Although I hardly remember the images I just searched online, I can still remember some of the images I read in the photography magazines I read as a child.

When I knew a new song from Photo Life I had to check the mailbox every day until it arrived. I knew the feeling when I stuck in the letterbox. The cover photo would hit me first, then the scent of the brand new magazine. I suppose I almost tasted those photos!

Imagine the life of those photos. The photographers would come up with their ideas and get rid of them until they had their collection of images. The photos were developed, cleared and selected by an editor. Once printed, the magazine was sent all over the world. Finally, it would be worn by mail for photography enthusiasts to get out of the letterbox or pull from a kiosk. We would carry them with us, read them again, and add them to our collection of problems with the future.

Printing versus digital photos' s

You can close and put away a photo album, just like wiping a photo. But a book is placed on the shelf, while a digital photo is wiped out and erased in ones and zeros.

The digital world is a gift

Digital photos are important – just as imagination, thoughts and dreams are. But dreams disappear, thoughts are forgotten and imagination begs to come to life in the real world.

There are many gifts that the digital world has given us. Perhaps the digital world mainly gives us a place to play and experiment before we decide which photos to take really. We have crossed many of the limits of the film (although many of those limits may have been healthy for our creativity).

Although our creative activity is not complete until we have made a print, we do not have to print all of them of our digital photos – only those who are worthy to get up and incarnate.

Create something that becomes real

Although it is nice to take photos and view them digitally, our satisfaction is only properly realized when we have printed our photos. A photo that is not printed is like a script that is never executed, or a composition that is never played. There is still value in the digital photo, just as there is value in a script or a musical composition. But the value is above all the hope that someday the digital photo will be printed and share a physical life with us – to inspire us, cheer us up and remind us.

The post The real reason you need to print Your photos first appeared at Digital Photography School. It is written by Mat Coker.

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