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    Translate Your Apps


    There are a number of amazing apps available to make translating both speech and text easier than ever before.  Below are five apps to help you translate your way around the world:

    iTranslate Translator

    iTranslate offers the ability to translate over a hundred languages both text and speech. You can even download languages being leaving home, perfect for countries where you can’t use your phone’s data plan or know that you’ll be off the beaten track.

    iTranslate Pro for Android

    iTranslate is the leading free translator and dictionary app. Easily translate text or start voice-to-voice conversations in over 100 languages. Our new Offline Mode allows you to use our app and translate abroad without having to pay expensive roaming charges. FEATURES * Get free translations for text in over 100 languages.

    Camera translation is where iTranslate really excels, making it easier than ever to translate signs and menus while away, simply point your phone at the text and your phone does all the hard work for you, detecting the language and presenting you with the text on its original backing but in your own language. There are also some nice features such as being able to choose your translation voice, perfect for conversations.

    iTranslate Translator (Free+, App Store) →

    iTranslate Translator & Dictionary (Free+, Google Play) →

    Google Translate

    Google Translate is perhaps the most famous translation tools thanks to its huge bank of language knowledge and as a result its ability to translate almost every language in every situation. Whether you are looking to have a conversation in two languages, translate a menu or learn a few popular phrases Google Translate has you covered. The app is extremely easy to use with the main screen presents you with clear buttons that allow you to quickly switch between modes. You can download languages, meaning that you can use your favorite translator wherever you are in the world.

    Google Translate (Free, App Store) →

    Google Translate (Free, Google Play) →

    Speak & Translate

    Speak & Translate offers you the ability to carry over hundred languages in your pocket, with instant translation even when offline. Real-time voice translation combined with the ability to choose from a male or female voice and even control the speed of the voice allows you to hold a full conversation in two languages. The app also features text recognition meaning that all you have to do is point your phone and text and watch as it magical translates into a language you understand. With the use of the Speak & Translate widget breaking language barriers is only a few clicks away.

    Speak & Translate – Translator (Free+, App Store) →

    Reverso Translate and Learn

    Reverso Translate and Learn is more than just your standard translation tool helping you to learn new languages so that with a little practice you won’t even need a translator to communicate when on holiday.

    English promotional

    Uploaded by Reverso.net on 2018-03-01.

    Reverso comes complete with all of the standard translation tools for text and speech but also incorporates tools to help you learn languages including flashcards and quizzes to test yourself with. A really nice feature is the ability to create your own phrasebook saving words and phrases that you either want to learn or know that you will be using a lot making it super easy to quickly translate and learn as you go.

    Reverso translate and learn (Free+, App Store) →

    Reverso Translation Dictionary (Free+, Google Play) →

    Translate Me – Live Translator

    With Translate Me you can travel with confidence thanks to the app’s ability to translate text, speech and even conversations in over forty languages. Due to the simple, sleek ascetics of the app and the intuitive controls you can easily and quickly switch between different languages and modes, for those times when you’re in a rush to catch the meaning of a conversation. There is even an automatic language detection for those times when you’re not sure of the language being presented to you.

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