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    Ubisoft ' s Gods and Monsters is a ' lighthearted ' game told by Homer


    Ubisoft has started releasing some more details about his upcoming mythological adventure, Gods and Monsters.

    The game was first announced on E3 2019 and is currently being developed by the team behind Assassin ' s Creed: Odyssey. At the time of the announcement we didn't get too much information about the game (although there was a tone trailer) but now Creative Director Jonathan Dumont and Senior Producer Marc-Alexis Côté are ready to speak in an interview about the official Ubisoft site.

    Told by Homer to his grandchildren, the story of the game will follow a fully customizable hero named Fenyx, who is on a journey to rescue the Olympic gods from Typhon and his mythological monsters.


    If you are not limited by history, you can start some weird and amazing things with your heroes and, according to Jonathan Dumont, Gods and Monsters will use the special skills designed for Assassin's Creed Odyssey and "put it on steroids for Gods and monsters. "

    "When you fight and you activate your skills, you are going to destroy the enemies you encounter. You can expect rapid battles that take place on the ground and in the air. For example, if you are fighting a cyclops, you may have to double jump to clear his head. and hit him in the eye to blind him, so you can fight him on the ground. We also have aerial photo enemies such as harpies. "

    The game will not only have capabilities, Dumont has promised that magical mythological items such as the Boots of Hermes will appear in the game. The Boots of Hermes will allow players to double jump and explore new places. According to Dumont, "there are many such items, but we save them for future surprises."

    Although the game is more about myth than about facts, senior producer Marc-Alexis Côté has said the team still has the same ' rigorous historical approach ' handles as with the Assassin ' s Creed games.

    This means that experts in mythology have been called in to advise and "ensure that we can tell them again in a way that is interesting and profound for our players."

    Even with this kind of rigor, Ubisoft hopes that Gods and Monsters a ' lighthearted ' will be a game with a story with humor. It is this and the clear and colorful art style of the game (which radiates serious Fable vibes) that the team hopes will help him distinguish it from other open-world adventure games. Even his own.

    Gods and Monsters will be launched on 25 February 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Google Stages.

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