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    Verizon's 5G speed peaks with 1.4 Gbps, but only if you ' the 5G shuffle ' is doing


    Updating: Our constant 5G speed test has turned into a kind of live blog, because we spent a second day there (further down) in Chicago and tried out the possibility of the Verizon 5G network to deliver an ultra broadband signal to the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

    You can finally get incredible 5G phone speeds in the US, according to our tests, but only in two cities and only if you do what we do with the 5G shuffle & apos; re call. & Apos;

    We have been able to test the Verizon 5G network in Chicago with a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (and we will stick to doing this alone until Tuesday) and we have been able to eliminate consistent speeds of 1 Gbps. One of our 5G tests reached a peak of 1,385 Gbps.

    But to reach these nominal speeds, we basically had to move (or dance) around the 5G nodes above lampposts on specific blocks in Chicago. It is said to be the same in the only other American city with active Verizon 5G nodes, Minneapolis.

    Great 5G speeds, with clear comments

    TechRadar became the first outlet with a 5G phone when the Moto Z3 5G was launched last month, but the Verizon 5G network had just begun. Either it wasn't that fast then, or we didn't get a consistent enough signal to reach the heights we see now. It often even dropped back to the 4G LTE middle test.

    Now, five weeks later and with the Galaxy S10 5G in our hands, we had speeds that visibly excited Verizon engineers from New York. They also see the nearly 1.4 Gbps speeds for the first time in the wild.

    Speed ​​tests with the Ookla app gave us some insight into the highest raw speed, and they were great. But it was also important to do practical tests – while doing the 5G shuffle – to see how Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Android game downloads did.

    The most shocking 5G test we have performed?

    • Stranger Things (Entire First Season) at 5G: 38.78 seconds
    • Stranger Things (Entire First Season) at 4G: 1 hour and 16 minutes

    Yes, we waited for the same rainy street corner in Chicago to test these speeds. One ended in less than a minute, and the other lasted an hour and 16 minutes.

    The difference is staggering in this 5G test. We used the Galaxy S10 5G connected to the 5G ultra broadband signal from Verizon. The 4G comparison test used an iPhone XS Max on AT & Tposs getting & apos; 5Ge & apos; signal (that is not the actual 5G, as we have reported several times and a marketing stunt about which Sprint AT&T continued).

    We were also able to download Fortnite in 2 minutes and 55 seconds and Asphalt 9: Legends in 2 minutes and 23 seconds on the Galaxy S10 5G.

    Although these 5G tests were close to 1.4 Gbps, they were fast (about 1 Gbps) and depended on whether the app maker was optimized to deliver high speeds. For example, downloading PUBG from the Google Play Store was slightly slower than downloading the same game file from the Galaxy App Store.

    In other words, the appeal of our 5G device and the direct line of sight of the 5G node was important, but so is the push of Google, Netflix and other content providers.

    5G speed test: Chicago Day 2

    The other tech reporters from Chicago are over, but we are still looking to see if the 5G network remains intact after the first hype of the opening day. The answer: yes and no.

    We can confirm that the 5G nodes are still active (this was not merely a publicity stunt as some have suggested). But for much of the day, the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G phone (we purchased a unit from Verizon ' s flagship Chicago Store on launch day) didn't coincide with Verizon's 5G and even 4G LTE signal.

    That's right, we worked at 3G speeds for most of day two. Was it a network problem? Was it a hardware issue? We will never know. But a reset of the phone solved the problem and we were back to 4G LTE and, in designated places, 5G.

    It is clear that 5G has growing pains. With nearly 1.4 Gbps in our raw speed testing, according to our speed tests, it shows a huge promise. But it takes a lot of time to cover the entire city of Chicago. Even saying that 5G is more a 2020 issue than a 2019 thing sometimes sounds hopeful.

    We will continue to update our week-long 5G test as we get more time for the Galaxy S10 5G and compare it with 4G LTE in Chicago.

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