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    Which brand do you think is leading in updating smart phone software and security?


    Although there are many Android phone manufacturers, it is not always easy to have them update your device. Even some of the larger Android manufacturers can sometimes take months to update and this is usually a statistic that Apple likes to show at iOS events.

    If you would like to purchase an Android phone that is updated quickly, look at the latest white paper from Counterpoint Research, which highlights top suppliers with the fastest updates such as Nokia, Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei.

    Nokia is the leader with 96% of its smartphones sold since Q3 2018 with the latest version of Android, Android Pie. Samsung follows 89%, Xiaomi 84% and Huawei 82%.

    Image Credit: Counterpoint Research

    The full counterpoint investigation report can be opened by clicking here. Interestingly, this report lacks sellers like OnePlus, which we assume are among the fastest to release Android updates.

    Counterpoint Research states that device manufacturers must step up their efforts to regularly provide their users with software and security updates.

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