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    Windows 10 preview refines the search and adds GPU temps read to Task Manager


    Windows 10 is blessed with a new preview build for the update due to land in the first half of 2020, and this is the first release that has introduced many changes, although none of them are major new features.

    The highlights for build 18963 (which is rolled out to fast ring testers) include the addition of GPU temperature measurements to the Task Manager, so when you pull it up, you can see how hot (or cool, hopefully) your graphic is. card runs at a glance.

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    This is only for discrete (i.e., not integrated in the processor) GPUs, but it is a much needed feature and means that you do not have to install any external monitoring app to check the temperature of your GPU.

    Windows search has also been improved to be more intelligent and, for example, to detect spelling errors when searching files and folders for things.

    Microsoft gives the example that previously the search could not deal with spelling errors such as "powerpiont" and "exception", and these would have yielded no results – but now search will automatically correct for "powerpoint" and "excel" ”Respectively.

    Interestingly, this feature not only comes to testers, but also to the retail version of Windows 10 in English-speaking areas, as it is a server-side change (meaning that you need to be connected to the Internet to take advantage of these automatic spelling corrections).

    Search for settings has also been adjusted to include a "related:" line below the best search result, giving you related options and showing why the result is presented to you. Again, this is not just for testers, but also for the retail release of Windows 10 – but only in the US. This feature will be expanded in the coming weeks from only settings to app searches.

    Finally, in other non-tester-related news, Microsoft brings the updated Search Home experience – which gives quick access to your recent search activities and the most used apps – to those who use the October 2018 update. It was previously only available to people during the May 2019 update.

    pay attention

    Notepad has received quite a bit of attention in the recent past (including the introduction of wrap-around search), and from this preview build future Notepad updates will be automatically forwarded through the Microsoft Store. This is useful because it means that Microsoft can update Notepad while it continues, instead of waiting for important feature updates for Windows.

    Microsoft has also given some users the option of renaming virtual desktops (with these new names that remain after restart). We say that some users, because this specific change is only live for 50% of the testers, will eventually be rolled out to more.

    There are a few minor changes, including refinements to streamline the process when you change the image of your Windows account and as always view the full Microsoft blog post for all the details.

    There are some known issues, and probably the most interesting nugget here (which was also recognized in build 18950) is a reference to an ' cloud download ' when you reset your PC in the Windows Recovery Environment. Microsoft notes: “This feature is not yet fully functional. We will let you know as soon as it is, so you can try it! "

    So hopefully it won't take too long before you can try the option of reinstalling Windows through an internet download, as the rumor mill has indicated earlier.

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