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    Your Favorite Paper Games Reinvented


    With mobile puzzles, you get constant updates, the ease of being able to take all of your favorite puzzles with you wherever you go and save on a ton of paper at the same time!

    Below are five of your favorite paper games gone digital:

    Sudoku Master Edition: Logic (iOS)

    Sudoku Master is a sleek and extremely modern feeling version of Sudoku that is extremely pleasing to the eye and places complete focus on the puzzle. You do have some control over the visuals of the app with a choice between classic and dark mode, perfect for those who like to complete a quick Sudoku before bed and don’t want a bright light in their face. You can also customize the font’s style and color creating a puzzle experience that is personal to you. Sudoku Master includes some nice features that are great for new players, such as mistake mode where incorrect numbers are removed. Highlight helper is another nice touch, highlighting rowing and columns for you so you can see where not to place two of the same number. Overall Sudoku Master is a solid app that is suited to both help players and pros who are looking to go digital.

    Sudoku Master Edition: Logic (Free+, App Store) →

    Word Search Colorful (iOS, Android)

    Word Search Colorful is exactly what it says in the name, the perfect app to help you transition from paper word searches with thousands of puzzles to choose from and every color highlighter you could ever need to make your puzzles fun and colorful. There are a ton of different categories to choose from including animals, capital cities and everything in-between so you will never run out of word searches to complete. With the best time list you can keep track of just how quick you can complete a word search and compete with friends as to who is the fastest.

    Word Search Colorful (Free+, App Store) →

    Word Search (Free+, Google Play) →

    Hangman Free (iOS, Android)

    Hangman Free takes you back to rainy days at school playing hangman on the chalkboard desperately trying to become the new class champion, with the entire app being chalkboard themed. There are a number of different categories to choose from including animals and food meaning that you will never run out of words to guess. You can either play against your phone in single player mode or team up with friends in multiplayer mode putting your vocabulary knowledge to the test.

    Hangman・ (Free, App Store) →

    Hangman Free (Free, Google Play) →

    Crosswords with Friends (iOS, Android)

    Crosswords with Friends is a the perfect app to get people together, taking part in daily crossword challenges either on a competitive basis or working together to solve challenging puzzles. You can also track your progress with daily leader boarders to see how quickly you have completed a puzzle in comparison to other players from around the world. Each day of the week has a theme for example Movie Monday, giving you a new and exciting puzzle each day to fit the theme. With a new puzzle every day you no longer need to search through the newspaper for your daily puzzle challenge.

    Crosswords With Friends (Free+, App Store) →

    Crosswords With Friends (Free+, Google Play) →

    Sudoku Master (Android)

    With over 2000 puzzles and four different levels of difficulty, you will never need a paper Sudoku again.

    There are two different ways to play: classic, much like a paper Sudoku there is no help, put a wrong number in a box and the whole puzzle could go wrong before you notice; then there’s casual mode, great for those new to Sudoku as it will delete any incorrect number, giving you peace of mind that you’re on the right track. The graphics are simple but ascetically pleasing and allow you to focus on the puzzle which is perfect for a paper replacement app. Other nice features include, the pencil tool allowing you to make notes and auto saves so you’ll never lose a puzzle.

    Sudoku Master (Free+, Google Play) →

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